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Extension Telegram Message, sends a message from the feedback form to your Telegram group.

Collect applications from the site in the Telegram chat.

Compatible with Editbox, TextArea, Combobox, Checkbox, RadioButton and other form elements.

The number of form fields is not limited.

Simple extension settings.

  • Extension language: En
  • Instructions for setting up the extension (En, Ru)
  • Instructions for setting up a Telegram bot (En, Ru)
  • Example: WWB 16
  • Latin, Cyrillic: yes
Added the function of duplicating a message to the mail. This is an optional extension.
You can duplicate messages through the hosting mailbox.
Works through the mail() function.
Difficulty ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Example Yes, v16
Manual En, Ru (Two instructions: extension settings, telegram bot settings)
WYSIWYG Web Builder v15, v16, v17+
Languages En

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